Please read these terms and conditions and refund policy operated by Prestige Travel Group Limited.

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These terms apply to all our visitors, customers and others who access or use the service.
By accessing or using the service you agree to be bound by these terms. If you disagree with any of these terms, then you may contact the company for urgent solutions and otherwise.

A. Our vehicles are always hygienic and maintained after every tour, may the customer find it otherwise shall contact our email or telephone contact in own convenience and the complaint shall be registered with a proposal of a satisfactory result.

B. Our vehicles are all updated models and registration years, none of the vehicles is accepted within employment for the vehicle shall not have clear service history and MOT papers.

C. All our private hire transports must be pre- booked, all fares will be made clear by the operator and if the driver accepts a false fare then he is reliable for his own actions if he gets caught.

A. The official certificate of our business and local authority regulation licence is not published in public access however may be provided to any customer who is bounded within an agreement with our company for services to be provided.

B. The booking procedure for the customer waiting period is within One hour or less if booked through a telephone call, or Three hours for email bookings.

C. We do offer meet and greet services for our customers which needs to be addressed prior of bookings.

A. All the drivers are DBS checked and interviewed by professional and experienced chauffeurs for the drivers to be providing their best service in friendliest manners and helpful in terms of the need for the customers.
B. Our drivers are tested to be fit with the legislations of the road traffic, the first and most important of the rules for the drivers is the safety for the journeys and hence no personal gadgets are to be used at any point of the vehicle’s engine is running.
C. Time orientation is one of the most important principles in our service, hence the customers are to be assured of the drivers being present at the location in the exact time and otherwise for the driver is delayed for any inconvenient reason causing customer dissatisfaction shall lead a proposal for a satisfactory result. However, for any delays that shall be caused by any customer being notified previously within the agreed period for no additional charges are agreed within our terms and conditions.
D. All private hire vehicles are licensed and up to date with the correct licensed driver.
E. Drivers are encouraged to convey their driving licence at all the time.
F. The driver has the right to refuse to carry any passengers who can cause damage to the vehicle or who is sensed to be under the influences of alcohol or drugs or behaviour which is considered to be a threat to them, the driver or safety of other passengers.
G. The customer who made the booking will be responsible for the behaviour of all the passengers in the car.
H. Both passengers and drivers are strictly forbidden to smoke in a licensed vehicle.
I. Drivers can only carry certain number of passengers stated on the vehicle license plate. And have the right to refuse any requests by the service users.
J. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that the vehicles have up to date MOT and documents.

A. Our customers are expected to be making their payment arrangements within an agreement of convenience for both parties to partake a mutual determination, the company, however, offers both Bank transfers and Cash in hand payments.
B. Corporate account holders are advised to have an invoice account facility made available for them by the operator.
C. Local pickups: There is no charge for 10 minutes of waiting. However, a charge of 25p per min is charged. Local pickup, no show charges will not be applied.
D. Airport Pickups: There is no charge for 1 hour of waiting. However, a charge of 25p per min is charged. If customer does not show up at the airport, then a full fare will be charged.
E. Customers need to update the driver when they have landed although drivers monitor flights.
F. The waiting time for all airports after a customer’s flight landed is 1 hour free of charge after this there is a charge of 25p.


When customers book by telephone the operator will repeat back all the details the customer has provided. The customer is liable to listen carefully and correct any inaccuracies. After the operator will confirm the booking. Customers need to ensure they provide full accurate details.

  1. Booking confirmations will be sent straight to the customers or the correct department by text. Customers are entitled to ask for a confirmation through post or email in advance. If they do not receive their copy, they need to contact Prestige Travel Group.
  2. The operator will hold no responsibility for any errors that occur as a result of the confirmation not being checked; therefore, customers need to ensure they report back any error or changes to the confirmed details.
  3. If the customer requests to cancel any bookings prior to confirmation a 24-hour notice are needed otherwise a charge of 50% fare will be charged.
  4. As customers confirm bookings through any methods it will be assumed the Terms and Conditions have been accepted.
  5. Prestige Travel Group will send out a notice of the driver details at least 24hours before the pickup time. The next day the driver will come with the vehicle at the agreed pickup point.
  6. It is the duty of customers to inform Prestige Travel Group if you cannot locate the driver, if details have been changed e.g. missed the flight, ferry etc. If you fail to comply with these rules you will be charged for the transfer. However, if you inform the operator with the updated details at least 24 hours before the booking time the details will amend in time.
  7. Customers flying from different airport to the UK need to update us 24 hours GMT local time before the flight otherwise 50% of the fare will be charged for any inconvenience.
  8. It is the Customers duty to let the operator know how many luggages are required, so a suitable car can be allocated.
  9. Drivers need sufficient time to leave for in case of any accidents or unfortunate circumstances/delays then we are able to cover your journey with another appointed driver.


Our company prides in one vision and principle is to make a stronger relationship with the customers before making any other progress. The customers are however given all the facilities which might not comply in favour of any of our benefits but since the relationship is goal hence the focus is the time and comfort of the customers. However, and dissatisfactions caused in the process of any tour may the customer directly contact us in our email address provided at the end of the letter or may directly call us on our number provided at the end of the letter. The complaint may find legitimate breaking any rules by any of the drivers are assured to be suspended from any additional services to be provided and a reciprocal solution to be attained with the customer.


Any lost property found in the vehicle will be passed on in our office at the end of the driver shifts or nearest police station. A. If property is claimed to be left by any of the customers, and then the driver cannot locate it then has no responsibility for the missing property or its replacement.

Kind Regards
Prestige Travel Group

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